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An RPG Battler-Clicker.  Overall winner of the "Game Devcember 2022" game jam.  Share what you think! Rate this game or comment below.

"I missed a good twenty minutes of a zoom call at work the other day because of [Heal. Die. Repeat.] 🤣 So good, so addictive!"

The Blight is consuming: nothing will be left.  A stalwart healer must carry their party through a dire battle.  But the fates may intervene.  Can the consumption can be stopped?

Heal your party.  Save everything - existence itself is on the line:

  • Use your spells to win the battle.
    • Healing touch heals a small amount of the warrior's health.  
    • Smite does damage to the opponent the warrior is fighting.
    • Stun interrupts all opponent attacks and briefly dazes them.
    • Cure heals the warrior back to maximum.


  • Mouse Controls
    • Combat
      • Clicking on the warrior heals them with your Healing Touch.
    • Boon/Upgrade
      • Click on Boons to select them.
  • Keyboard Controls
    • Hints/Tips
      • Use ENTER or SPACE to advance to the next tip.
    • Combat
      • 1 - Healing Touch. (Mouse must be over the warrior)
      • 2 - Smite.
      • 3 - Stun.
      • 4 - Cure.
    • Dialogue
      • Use the ENTER key to advance dialog.
    • Boons
      • Use ENTER or SPACE to advance after selecting a boon with the mouse.

Game Art, Sound Effects, and other Neat Things:

Thanks to all of these great creators.

Inspiration and Theme

The gamejam theme is Deja Vu.

Heal-Die-Repeat is inspired by "Edge of Tomorrow."

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 3.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
GenreRole Playing
Made withGIMP, DragonRuby GTK
Tags2D, Casual, Clicker, dragonruby, Fantasy, Pixel Art, Singleplayer, upgrades
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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HealDieRepeat-linux-amd64.zip 38 MB
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HealDieRepeat-windows-amd64.zip 38 MB

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I cant seem to play this game BUT I LOVE the art in this game and dialoge 

Another bug.

When you max out enough items (so that not upgraded ones becomes less than 5), they still appear in upgrades although don't do anything.


This is an "I ran out of time" to fix this problem.  I can fix this at the close of the jam.  We're in a voting phase right now, so updates are disallowed.

I appreciate you coming back to give it another go after the issues you experienced issues in Firefox!

After screen "click or tap here" image shifted down by about 1/2 of the screen. Unplayable.


I was able to run mine in Firefox (v108.0.1) without this issue, but the performance is poor.  If you have another browser, Chrome works very well.  If you still need additional options, there are downloadable versions for Windows, MacOS, and Linux.  Sorry you had to deal with this issue.

This issue is related to viewpoint size.

If it's too wide, image centered horisontally, but shifted vertically depending on viewpoint height when game is opened (more height = lower image).

For me it's the issue thought because I'm playing games by openint game iframes in separate tab.

Right now, the web version has to run in the itch.io frame - I have it setup that way due to an issue with web builds in the engine.  I will be able to update this in the future.